The Guardian’s notoriety

Robin Shepherd’s essay in The Commentator in response to Khaled Diab’s CiF piece on Thursday (Reinventing the Palestinian Struggle) should be read in its entirety but I wanted to note Shepherd’s opening passages where he put’s Diab’s essay in context:

It takes a lot these days to raise hackles among decent and reasonable people at anything written in the Guardian about the State of Israel.

This is a paper, after all, that back in January slated the Palestinian leadership for being “weak” and “craven” after it was revealed they had accepted – as any sane and normal person would – that practically all the so-called “settlements” in east Jerusalem would become part of Israel under any real-world peace agreement.

So after you’ve effectively described even the most obvious concessions in meaningful negotiations as the actions of surrender monkeys, the sheer fanaticism of your antipathy to the Jewish state is established once and for all.

Yes, the Guardian’s antipathy towards Israel is nothing short of fanatical and its at least comforting to know that a writer as erudite and prolific as Robin Shepherd is willing, without qualifications, to say so. 

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