Theodor Herzl’s “Guide to Zionist Social Media Strategies for the Perplexed”

So, another day, another CiF piece by a pro-Palestinian activist who seeks Israel’s destruction by an unlimited “right of return” for (per the contributor, Sam Bahour, Welcome to Palestine – if you can get in, July 5) 7 million Palestinians – a number which, by the way, exceeds by 2.2 million even the absurd official UNRWA figure, which includes the 700,000 or so Palestinians displaced by the Arab war launched against Israel in 1948, and their descendants, and their descendants, etc.

Israelinurse will respond tomorrow to the “substance” of Bahour’s piece, but I couldn’t resist noting a comment beneath the thread which was unintentionally hilarious.

A commenter using the moniker “edwardrice” responded to some of the pro-Israel critics of Bahour’s piece, thusly:

Well, as a new Israeli, I’m simply outraged that strangely absent from the benefits I received as a new immigrant was a copy of the little known follow-up to the classic book by the founder of modern Zionism, Der Judenstaat: “Theodore Herzl’s Guide to Posting on Talk-back Threads”.  

As a Zionist blog, we clearly need to get up to speed on other Zionist social media best practices, so I just ordered David Ben-Gurion’s “Zionist Tweeting strategies for Dummies” from Amazon.  

Ben White, be warned!

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