The Israeli humanity, and terrorist malice, which Harriet Sherwood will never report

While I’ll never know for sure if the Guardian’s Harriet Sherwood consciously blurs causation when Palestinian terrorists intentionally attack innocent Israeli civilians, or whether her writing is so influenced by ideology that such obfuscation occurs naturally, her most recent post, “Ceasefire talks intensify as Israeli PM orders continuation of Gaza airstrikes.” is a case study in this journalistic tick.

Sherwood’s piece begins by describing the deadly Hamas terrorist attacks on Thursday which left 7 Israelis dead, including 2 young children – as well as the subsequent volley of more than 140 rockets by Hamas, Popular Resistance Committees, and Islamic Jihad  – as “the cycle of attack and counter-attack between Israel and Gaza.”

Sherwood further characterized the attacks initiated by Palestinian terrorists as “Thursday’s bloodshed” and, later, as the “audacious attacks.”

Later, we’re informed that “a 38-year-old man [was] killed in nearby Be’er Sheva by a Grad rocket, without noting who precisely fired the deadly projectile.

Inversely, per Sherwood:

An Israeli missile struck a group of children in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza. Three children have been among the 15 Palestinians killed by the military.”

Regarding the rocket assaults on Israel’s southern communities since Thursday, Sherwood breezily notes that “most of them have landed on open ground.

Of course, the hundreds of thousands of Israelis within range of enemy rocket fire can never tell where such missiles are going to land.

This uncertainty is why the city of Be’er Sheva closed all educational institutions on Sunday – a decision which clearly averted a potential loss of innocent life, as a rocket, fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, hit a school on Sunday morning which was scheduled to hold an orientation for 700 middle and high school students.

And, the destructive capacity, and unknown trajectory, of such missiles is why babies born prematurely – and cared for in Soroka Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit – had to be moved to protected, bomb-proof, wings of the Be’er Sheva hospital.

IDF soldiers move neonatal intensive care equipment to a bomb-proof section of Soroka Medical Center

Soroka is currently treating Israeli victims of Thursday’s terrorist assault and subsequent rocket attacks.

The hospital is also where fifty Gazans, on the day in which 22 rockets launched by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza landed in southern Israel, were admitted and are currently being treated by Israeli physicians.

In Harriet Sherwood’s universe Israeli humanity is never part of the narrative, and the undeniable malice of Palestinian terrorists can never be revealed.

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