Lauren Booth on “Jewish supremacism”, why antisemitism is justified, & the wisdom of Gilad Atzmon

While of course not every anti-Zionist is an antisemite, the overlap, as we’re continually demonstrating, is quite large – a fact illustrated by the comments, at the blog Israellycool, by someone who is all but certainly Lauren Booth. (Also, see Booth’s ‘Comment is Free’ commentary from 2010 here)

Lauren Booth receives a Palestinian VIP passport from Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya

Taking a break from shilling for Hamas, Booth, a recent convert to Islam, responded to a post Aussie Dave wrote about the question of whether Booth’s mother was Jewish, with the following diatribe.

Okay jerk offs…as you are so obsessed by the wish to have me as some self rejecting member of your supposed ‘Chosen Race’ let me once and for all put this idiocy about my mother’s ‘religion’ and background to rest.

My mother had a Jewish father who divorced her mother when she was little. She met him about three times and was raised in a secular Christian household. Thus when I was born rest assured no signs of any Judaism entered our world at all and my mother talked of Christ and God. The end. Now how about you lot try to address the really important questions; like your Occupation of Palestine, slaughter of children in Gaza in the name of the Jewish state and your tragic assertion at being ‘Chosen’ by God to rule over the rest of humanity. LOooool. [emphasis mine]

If this is Booth, then the “activist” would seem to subscribe to the antisemitic narrative of  Gilad Atzmon, which conjures Jewish supremacists who successfully, or at least aspire to, control the world. 

Well, wouldn’t you know, upon a bit of research I came across Booth’s personal blog, and an entry titled, ‘Jewishness’, scare tactics, and a sense of humor

The post praised the tales of Jewish villainy espoused by Atzmon, and the problem of Jewish supremacism, in the context of a panel discussion she attended which included Atzmon, conspiracy theorist Alan Hart, and a Palestinian named Sameh Habeeb who’s the founder and editor of the online newspaper The Palestine Telegraph.

Booth spent quite a bit of space praising Atzmon’s views concerning Jews in her post, but also added her own original take on Atzmon’s view that there is no antisemitism anymore, only reasonable political reactions to Jewish domination.

Opined Booth:

“…attacks on Jewish property or persons in 2009 can be seen, not as actions related solely to followers of an Abrahamic faith. But, in response to the violence of Israeli Zionism; A frustrated backlash against a criminal, political movement…”

Booth also approvingly cited the following quote by Atzmon concerning Jewish world domination:

“No Jews do not run the world. They get others to do it for them.’ 

Booth herself, on the topic of “Jewish supremacism”, added:

“That Jewish [pro-Palestinian activism] holds more weight than any other. Isn’t this itself a supremacist concept, elevating Jewish suffering and understanding of pain above all others?”

Moving along to the organ theft libel, Booth, praising the work Sameh Habeeb’s Palestine Telegraph, wrote:

“The Palestine Telegraph published articles apparently linking Israeli groups with organ theft. Some of these sources were taken from the Israeli Ha’aretz newspaper. Yet he [Habeeb] was targeted by aggressive UK Zionist groups”

As a reminder, The Palestine Telegraph is the paper which accused Israel of organ theft in Haiti, and once posted a video of white supremacist David Duke on the home page of their website with the headline “Israel’s terror against America”.

Duke, interestingly, is also one of the main purveyors of the “Jewish supremacism narrative.

So, Booth, ala Atzmon, seems quite concerned about the problem of Jewish supremacism and Jewish world domination, believes that antisemitism should be seen as an understandable reaction to Israel’s actions, and is sympathetic to the organ theft libel.

But, I know. How can anyone pro-Palestinian be a raving bigot?  Simply impossible, of course. 

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