Harriet Sherwood discovers a plane, but hasn’t discovered how to adequately use Google

Harriet Sherwood’s latest blog post, “Israeli plane in isolated West Bank field – any clues” would have been a classic CiF Watch satire if it wasn’t a genuine report.

Here’s the plane the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent “found”.

Writes Sherwood:

“Faded Hebrew letters on the exterior suggested this once may have been part of the national El Al fleet, or that of an Israeli domestic airline. I can’t think of any non-Israeli airline that would have Hebrew insignia.”

Sherwood discovers Google:

A quick search on Google threw up this reference, which identifies the plane as probably a Boeing 707, but gives few further clues.

So, any information, ideas or theories?

Fortunately, a few Guardian readers have evidently taken advanced courses in the use of search engines, and commented thusly.

Click image to see NYT story on plane

And, there was this:

But, the best  comment goes to “SantaMoniker”:

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