Video of Harriet Sherwood’s Palestinian “Baker”, Khader Adnan, calling for suicide bombing

The press reported today that Khader Adnan, Harriet Sherwood’s poor, helpless, “baker and civil rights hunger striker”, will likely be released by Israeli authorities in April, prompting Adnan to call off his hunger strike.

The moral absurdity that Adnan, whose ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad is not in dispute, has become a cause celeb among self-described ‘human rights‘ activists is hard to overstate, and serves as further evidence of the supreme corruption of the term by much of the activist left.

My guess is that this video of Adnan calling for terrorist attacks against Israelis won’t cause those who championed his release any discomfort, as citizens of the Jewish state have become, for many, merely an abstraction – men, women and children who play a role in a drama meant to maintain a political edifice, and largely outside their imaginative sympathy. 

Let it be known, however, that this is the loathsome man whose freedom they helped to secure.



YouTube took the video down. The video is now available at Vimeo.


Update 2:

YouTube recently restored the video

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