Why weren’t these deleted? Anti-Zionist rants by Guardian readers collect “Recommends”

H/T Margie

Beneath the line of Julian Borger’s July 6 Global Security Blog post in the Guardian (Iran nuclear talks: a thin, faint chink of light) were these off-topic rants:

“RodRezai”: Ethnicist [sic] Zionist regime burns Palestinian women and children alive.  (The commenter also defends of Iran’s execution of gays.) 53 Recommends.

“RodRezai”: Zionists will drag the world into a catastrophic war and economic collapse. (See highlighted section) 53 Recommends

FarzadMI: U.S. media (and banks) controlled by Zionists. 42 Recommends

So, what does it take for a comment to be deemed inconsistent with the Guardian’s “community standards”? Per Harry’s Place, evidently all it takes is a respectful critique of Mehdi Hasan.

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