Why were these comments by Geoffrey Alderman deleted by ‘Comment is Free’ moderators?

Beneath the line of a Guardian report by David Smith, ‘Israel condemns South Africa for relabeling of West Bank products‘, Aug. 23, about South Africa’s decision to label Israeli products from the disputed territories as made in the ‘occupied Palestinian territories, there were many comments like this:

However, there were quite a few pro-Israel responses refuting some of the anti-Zionist commentary. 

For instance, in response to the comment by ‘jmgreen’ above, there was this by occasional Guardian contributor Geoffrey Alderman at 6:29.

His comment was deleted by CiF moderators:

Alderman then submitted the same comment, at 7:34, omitting only the word ‘Apartheid’.

However, this too was deleted:

Here’s another (cheeky) comment by Alderman defending Israel, at 8:06:

That last comment was deleted without a trace.  In addition to their consistently biased moderation decisions, I guess CiF moderators also don’t have much of a sense of humor.

Moreover, as you can clearly see, Alderman’s comments weren’t off-topic or, in any manner, inconsistent with ‘Comment is Free’ community standards. 

So, why exactly were they deleted?

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