CiF reader: On Jews’ crimes against humanity AND the generous protuberance housing their nostrils

Chris McGreal’s recent vile attack on Israel, Rachel Corrie verdict exposes Israeli military mindset – which made a moral comparison between the IDF and Hamas, accused Israeli soldiers of targeting Palestinian children, and suggested that the Jewish state exploits the Holocaust to justify crimes against innocents – elicited a predictable degree of hatred by Guardian readers in the comment section. 

Among the vitriol which McGreal’s piece unleashed was the following: 

While this commenter’s litany of charges against the Jewish state aren’t especially unique for the Guardian faithful, I did find it interesting that among the Semitic sins – which included crimes, by “the chosen people”, against “human decency” itself – was the vintage, almost quaint, epithet about the large nosed Jew

Through the miracle of Google Images I was able, by typing in a few choice search terms, to get a general idea of what precisely was going through this Guardian reader’s mind when conjuring the hook nosed Israeli child murderer. 

Image algorithm courtesy of Google. 

Guardian reader’s polemical inspiration courtesy of Chris McGreal. 

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