A Guardian Left extremist mourns Israel’s continued existence

 A guest post by AKUS

Joseph Massad

If we could vote on it, I suspect that his Nov. 30 essay at CiF, The UN vote to recognise Palestine legitimises a racist status quo, deconstructed by Adam Levick at The Guardian approved malice of Joseph Massad, would beat out articles by such worthy contenders as Ben White, Chris McGreal, and Hamas spokesmen for first place in its sheer outpouring of racist hatred towards those who he terms “colonists” – Jews who settled in Israel.

Massad managed a truly imaginative job of rewriting history in one column. According to Massad, Arab armies did not invade the new Jewish state to tear it apart at birth – they “intervened to stop the expulsion” of Palestinians.

Not for him are the records of Jewish mayors begging Arabs to stay, or Arab leaders urging Arabs to move aside to better enable the slaughter of the Jews, the census results recording the massive influx of Arabs from other countries to partake of the growing economy of the Jewish towns and farms of the Mandate.  It’s all very simple and clear in his mind. Indigenous Arabs were expelled by colonist Jews, to become 6 million refugees (or even 12 million, later in his article).

In line with his teachings that Zionists are now the true anti-Semites, and Arabs their “victims”, Massad even managed to work in a comparison of “Palestinian refugees” to those who perished in the Holocaust – now there are “six million other [Palestinian] refugees”, a marvelously convenient number echoing the Holocaust that presumably includes every “refugee” living comfortably and teaching at American Universities, like Jordanian-born Massad himself.

Nevertheless, if there is one group of people Massad loathes more than the Jewish “colonists” in Israel, it is what he terms the “collaborationist Palestinian Authority”. As the vitriol drips down the screen, it seems that he hates them even more than Hamas does. Ismail Haniyah might, for the sake of political expediency, shake the hand of Abbas, even kiss him on both cheeks, but one feels that Massad would never be trapped into such a glaring surrender of his principles.

And therein lies a strange kernel of truth that this excoriator of Zion reveals about the recent UN vote on “Palestine”. Like Balaam, he came to the Guardian to curse Israel and in the end, blesses her and curses the PA.

Massad writes:

“Yesterday, the general assembly voted to admit Palestine as a state with observer status. Despite assurances to the contrary, the new state is likely to undermine the status of the PLO at the UN. Whereas the PLO represented all Palestinians, the PA only represents West Bankers. This recognition has diminished the Palestinian state geographically from 43% of historic Palestine granted by the partition plan to less than 18% of it (possibly 10%, if we factor annexations, settlements, military areas, etc), and has reduced Palestinians from 12 million people to 2.4 million West Bankers, 40% of whom are refugees.

The vote is essentially an update of the partition plan of 1947, whereby the UN now grants Jewish colonists and their descendants 80-90% of Palestine, leaving the rest to the native inhabitants, and it risks abrogating the refugees’ right of return.” [emphasis added]

Leave aside the false arithmetic that ignores the existence of Jordan as part of the former mandate territory of Palestine, thus inflating the  percentage of land grabbed by those greedy colonists, the miraculous growth in one article from six million to 12 million Palestinian (see next excerpt), and observe how he mourns what he sees as the monumental blundering away of his version of what  “Palestine” should be. The PA has created “West Bankers” rather than “Palestinians” — and, worse yet, implicitly endorsed the acceptance of the existence of that racist state of Israel and reaffirmation of by the UN of the 1947 partition plan!!

Massad’s racist summation of his article was a masterful example of Hamas reasoning and a revelation of the desire to take over the thriving, prosperous state of Israel rather than have two non-viable statelets competing for the title of “Palestine” (I leave out some of the most racially charged parts of his concluding diatribe):

“By recognising a diminished Palestinian state, the vote effectively abandons the UN understanding of the “Jewish state” as one that has no right to discriminate against or ethnically cleanse non-Jews….  The Palestinians, however, whose majority is not represented by the PA, will no more heed this new partition plan than they did the last one and will continue to resist Israeli colonialism until it comes to an end and until Israel becomes a state for all its citizens with equal rights to all regardless of national, religious, or ethnic background”.

But let us focus on the positive. This hatemonger concludes that:

  1. The UN (again) recognizes Israel’s right to exist (which every country has, but thanks anyway)
  2. Recognizes that the “West Bankers” can only lay claim to some part of the West Bank and denies them (and presumably Hamas and this spokesman) the “right of return” and the “right” to take over Israel, even as he still desperately clings to the delusion of a “one state solution” and believes he speaks for those heedless Palestinians not represented by the PA.
  3. Appears to think that the “West Bankers” will only get a statelet on the West Bank and not some geographically bizarre confederation with Gaza (perhaps he needs to consider the “Jordanian option?)

If Massad is to be believed, perhaps this second November 29th was as good a day for Israel in the General Assembly as the one 65 years ago!!

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