The Guardian is forced to correct a second false allegation by Antony Loewenstein

Last week we posted about a Guardian correction to a passage in Antony Loewenstein’s Nov. 7 ‘Comment is Free’ essay (‘To support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is not antisemitic) which had claimed that the Israeli-based organization Shurat HaDin attempted to sue Stephen Hawking over his support for BDS.

Here was Loewenstein’s original passage:

The law firm [Shurat HaDin] tried to sue Twitter for daring to host Hizbollah tweets, former US President Jimmy Carter for criticising Israel and Stephen Hawking for damning the Israeli occupation.

However, the claim that Shurat HaDin tried to sue Hawking was a complete fabrication, prompting the Guardian to publish the following correction:

Recently, an alert CiF Watch reader noted a second correction to the same Loewenstein essay.  Here’s the original passage:

Another front page story in the paper last week claimed that Hebrew University is a bastion of Jewish and Arab co-operation, yet ignored the litany of examples of the institution repressing Palestinian rights.

Now, that passage smearing Hebrew University has been amended, and the following additional footnote has been added to Loewenstein’s column:

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It’s important to stress that these don’t appear to be simply honest errors.  As we noted in our previous post, the false claim by Loewenstein about Shurat HaDin suing Stephen Hawking was ‘supported’ by a link which took you to an article at the hate site, Mondoweiss. However, the Mondoweiss article in question never in fact made such a claim.  Likewise, this second erroneous claim by Loewenstein about Hebrew University was ‘supported’ by an article (at an Australian news) site written by Randa Abdel-Fattah, which didn’t at all cite “a litany of examples of the institution repressing Palestinian rights“.  The only relevant passage in Abdel-Fattah’s article was the following:

Jake Lynch has refused collaboration with Hebrew University because of its support of the illegal occupation of Palestine and close connections with the Israeli armament industry.

Beyond this vague smear, which includes no details or further links, there is nothing to support Loewenstein’s claim that there is a “litany of examples” of Hebrew University “repressing Palestinian rights”.

Much like his lie about “Jews-only roads” in the West Bank which we exposed previously, Loewenstein has again been caught red-handed smearing Israel based on links which don’t even minimally back up his fantastical allegations.

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