Indy buries story of murdered Jewish baby; focuses instead on briefly detained Palestinian boy

On Oct. 19th, per a video released by B’tselem, a Palestinian boy was arrested in Hebron for throwing stones at soldiers.  Fifteen minutes later, the soldiers released the boy after his father arrived and explained that he was mentally disabled.
On Oct. 22nd, a Palestinian Hamas supporter (Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, from the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem) with a history of antisemitic violence, rammed his car into pedestrians standing a light rail platform in Jerusalem on Wednesday, killing a 3 month old baby (Chaya Zissel Braun) and injuring others.
If you were the editor of a major British daily, which story would you be more likely to highlight?
Well, evidently editors at the Independent decided that the story of a briefly detained Palestinian stone thrower was of greater importance than the terrorist murder of a Jewish infant.  

Here’s a snapshot of the headline and photo of an Oct. 23rd article, written by James Rush.
After eight paragraphs of text on the briefly detained Palestinian, which included a video of the incident, the Indy got around to mentioning the terror attack in Jerusalem.
Here are the final four paragraphs of their story:

In a separate incident on Wednesday in Jerusalem, a Palestinian with a history of anti-Israel violence slammed his car into a crowded railway station, killing a three-month-old baby girl and wounding eight people in what police called a terror attack.
Jeruslam mayor Nik Barkat said the girl and her parents, injured in the incident, were US citizens.
The violence came after months of tensions between Jews and Palestinians in east Jerusalem. Palestinians have demanded the section of the city to be their future capital.
The area has experienced unrest and near-daily attacks on the city’s light rail by Palestinian youths since a wave of violence over the summer, capped by the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

The Palestinian child arrested by Israeli soldiers for throwing rocks is safe, and home with his family.
The Jewish baby was buried today in Jerusalem.
Since Indy editors chose not to humanize the Jewish newborn, we’ll leave you with these photos of Chaya, in life and, tragically, in death.
chaya-zissel-braun-baby-terror-attack-jerusalem (1)


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