Guardian Tweet on Jerusalem terror attack: Israel police shoot dead driver…

A couple of hours ago, a Palestinian from east Jerusalem affiliated with Hamas plowed his vehicle into a crowd of people at a light rail station along the seam-line between the east and west sections of the city, killing one and injuring 14, in what was clearly a terror attack.
Here’s a video showing some of the deadly attack.

After crashing into the pedestrians, the car eventually hit the train platform, then rammed into cars – after which the driver tried to run away. The terrorist (48-year-old Ibrahim al-Akary) then attacked a group of policemen (video) with a crowbar before he was shot and killed by police.
To recap:

A Palestinian terrorist, reportedly affiliated with Hamas, drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing one and injuring over a dozen. 

The terrorist then fled his vehicle and began attacking police officers with a crowbar. 

Police then shot and killed the terrorist.

Yet, here’s how the Guardian framed the story in a tweet to its 2.86 million followers:
guardian tweet
A couple of observations:

Note the characteristically Guardian style of focusing on the Israeli response to a Palestinian act of terror, instead of the terror attack itself. Additionally, the word “Palestinian” is of course absent from the tweet.

Observe also that they only noted the crowbar attack on the police, while ignoring the much more relevant facts that the incident began when the Palestinian man ran his vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians, killing one and injuring many others.

If you actually open the link and go to the Guardian article (credited to Associated Press), the series of events regarding the terror attack are relatively clear. However, as most people who share tweets don’t actually read through the attached article, it’s reasonable to assume that most Guardian followers reading their tweet would be left with a completely false impression about what occurred today in Jerusalem.
A Guardian tweet at its finest: So much deception in so few words.

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