UK Media Watch prompts Daily Mail correction to false “Arabic-speaking saints” claim

As we noted previously, multiple British, American and Israeli media outlets, reporting on the canonization of two Ottoman-era ‘Palestinian’ nuns, Mariam Baouardy and Marie-Alphonsine Danil Ghattas, all somehow managed to get the same element of the story wrong: the claim that Ghattas and Baouardy were the first Arabic-speaking Catholics to receive this honor. 

Since the story broke over a week ago, we demonstrated that Ghattas and Baouardy were NOT in fact the first Arabic speaking saints and have prompted corrections at The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Times of London. (Additionally, CAMERA prompted a correction to the same story at Haaretz)

Today, the Daily Mail corrected their false claim – in both the body of the report and the headline – regarding the ‘Palestinian’ saints, following communication with our office.

Here’s the original headline from their May 17th report in their online edition.

original headlineHere’s the new headline:

new headline

We commend Daily Mail editors for responding positively to our complaint.


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