UKMW prompts Economist correction to misattributed dialogue in review of the play ‘Oslo’

An Oct. 6th review of the play ‘Oslo’ published in The Economist included the following paragraph:

…there are glimpses of a shared humanity as the characters warm to each other, sprint around the stage plastered on whisky and joke together about their region of the world. Of course the Norwegian vision of unity does not always prevail. Characters also scream, accuse each other of murder and of stealing land, and even come to blows. “In my country, we see you as terrorists and murderers who wish to drive us into the sea!” yells one of the Palestinian negotiators to his Israeli counterpart. “In my country, we see you as a savage nation whose army shoots our children for sport!” the man responds in kind.

However (as you can see in this PBS clip of the dialogue), its naturally the Israeli negotiator who yells that “in my country, we see you as terrorists and murderers who wish to drive us into the sea!”, and the Palestinian who accuses Israel of ‘shooting our children for sport’ – not as stated. 

We tweeted the Economist’s Culture Editor, Fiametta Rocco, alerting her to the error, and followed up with an email.

A couple of hours later, we received the following tweet from their Assistant Editor for Arts and Books, Rachel Lloyd:

The text was indeed corrected, and the following addendum added:

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