To Sky News Arabia, ALL Jews in Jerusalem are “settlers”

To Sky News Arabia’s Firas Lufti, every Jerusalem Jew is a “settler”, and only the city’s Arabs are true “Jerusalemites”. Concluding his June 5th video report (“Silicon Wadi – an ‘enormous’ settler-colonialist plan in Jerusalem”) about the new “Silicon Wadi” development initiative in East Jerusalem, Lufti made the following statement (translation, emphases and in-bracket remarks by CAMERA Arabic):

“Notably, since the American administration had announced its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital, the mechanism of colonization via settlements [Arabic: Istitan] has been accelerating [its operation of] weighing down on the Palestinians – [all] in effort to reduce their number. Today, approximately 350,000 Jerusalemites have remained in Jerusalem, compared to more than 700,000 settlers.”

According to Sky News Arabia’s biased standards, it appears that to be considered a true “Jerusalemite” you must be Palestinian. As for the members of Israel’s capital Jewish majority, most if not all of them – whether they live in east or west Jerusalem – are merely “settlers”, however far back in history their roots in the city may reach in comparison to other groups.

Facing such an egregious distortion of terms, we should add that the estimated number of Jews who live in east Jerusalem – those who could at least plausibly be considered “settlers” according to Western media standards, is less than 210,000.

Writing and research by CAMERA Arabic. Edited by CAMERA UK.

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