Guardian corrects Raja Shehadeh’s false claim over ‘confiscation of Palestinian land’

On Thursday, we posted about a Guardian op-ed by Raja Shehadeh  (“Occupying Palestine is rotting Israel from inside. No Gulf peace deal can hide that”, Sept. 17) that was riddled with egregious distortions and falsehoods, including the following:

It is all out in the open and the government and the courts are on the same page in supporting the settlers and working to achieve the goal of greater Israel. The Knesset has passed the regularisation bill, which “legalises” settlements built on privately owned Palestinian land via de facto expropriation.

As we wrote in our complaint to the Guardian’s Readers Editor: though the passage links to a 2016 Guardian article about the passage of the bill, in June 2020, the Israeli supreme court overturned that law, rendering it null and void.

Editors promptly upheld our complaint and deleted the erroneous claim from the article.  The following addendum was added:

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