Responding to our complaint, 5 Pillars retracts op-ed promoting violence

Earlier in the week, we posted about an op-ed by Abdel Bari-Atwan at the British Muslim news site 5 Pillars which praised Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israel as “heroic”, and argued that it’s the duty of “all Muslims and Arabs” to join the terror group’s violent resistance against the Jewish state.

As we observed in our post, the piece arguably represents one of the clearest examples of a mainstream* English-language British media outlet praising a proscribed terror group and inciting violence we’ve ever come across. (*5 Pillars is regulated by IMPRESS)

We sent an email to 5 Pillars’ editor, asking if he was prepared to defend their decision to publish such a call to arms, and reminding him that, under the under the Terrorism Act of 2000, “it is illegal to make statements in support of a terrorist organisation”.

Today, we received a response notifying us that, in light of our complaint, they made the decision to fully retract the article.

Here’s what you see now when you open the link.

See the Arabic version of this post here

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  1. says: Richard Turnbull

    Even with the most benign interpretation it’s some kind of endorsement when you praise a group as “heroic” as they lob rockets and mortar shells as they hide behind human shields into civilian areas. People need to resist all the peer pressure that leads them to make out Hamas as anything other than vile, misguided human beings, if that’s what it is.

  2. says: Grimey

    The worst part is that UK organisations such as the British Museum have allowed themselves to be infiltrated by bigoted Muslims, whose purpose in life is to slag off Israel. This is a by-product of the woke industry that promotes freedom of speech to everybody – unless you happen to be a defender of the correct and proper way to behave.

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