Guardian corrects one of Mohammed el-Kurd’s lies

One the three clear factual errors in Mohammed el-Kurd’s July 28th Guardian op-ed that we complained about to editors has been corrected.  As we noted in our post,about the piece, the Sheikh Jarrah activist’s propagandistic (and seemingly unedited) anti-Israel diatribe – which was riddled with lies and distortions – included the following claim:

[On June 21st] a member of the Israeli Knesset, Bezalel Smotrich, barged into my family’s house.

As we demonsrated to editors, even the pro-Hamas outlet MEMO didn’t make that claim, alleging only that the extremist MK visited the neighborhood and was in the general vicinity of Kurd’s home.

That one complaint was upheld, the sentence revised and the following Editor’s Note added:

We don’t typically charge contributors with outright lying, but in the case it seems warranted as you’d think Kurd would remember whether the far-right MK was near his property or literally inside of it.

However, there are two more substantive errors we complained about that Guardian editors are still ‘investigating’, including the simply bizarre claim that Israel has imposed a “blockade” on Sheikh Jarrah, and we’ll update this post when we’ve received a response.

For background on Kurd’s history of antisemitic commentary, see the post below.

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