BBC contributor gives his views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Over the years we have periodically documented statements and claims made by a journalist regularly brought in by the BBC (and other British media outlets) to provide comment and analysis on the Middle East.

The extremist and often downright bizarre opinions of Abdel Bari Atwan on topics such as chemical weapons in Syria, a potential nuclear strike on Israel, the death of Yasser Arafat, Arabs and Muslims – together with his justification of terror attacks on Israeli civilians and incitement to violence – have so far not deterred the BBC from providing him with a platform.

Courtesy of MEMRI, we learn that Atwan also holds opinions on the topic currently heading the news.

British-Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan said in video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel on February 28, 2022 that the Arabs should not side against Russia in the Ukraine-Russia war, since it is America – which is on the other side – that supports Israel and that is responsible for the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, as well as for the occupation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He emphasized that the war in Ukraine has nothing to do with the Arabs, who he said should thank Allah that the war is taking place in Europe, which has enjoyed peace and prosperity for decades while the Middle East was being ravaged by wars. In addition, Atwan criticized journalists who have called for opposing Russia…” [emphasis added]

Once again Atwan’s politically motivated analysis of current affairs and distortions of history (such as the notion that America “is responsible for the destruction of Syria” rather than Russian bombings and support for that country’s brutal regime) raise serious questions concerning his suitability and efficacy as a BBC current affairs contributor.

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  1. says: Grimey

    Atwan is, as we all know, simply further proof of the BBC’s anti-Israel, antisemitic, left-wing, arabist-infiltrated bias. Anyone who believes otherwise is in denial.

  2. says: Jon+Carp

    I really can’t understand the relevance of giving this idiot airtime at all, but particularly with regard to Ukraine, other than to further the BBC’s apparent wish to clobber Jews and Israel at any excuse.

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