Guardian author of article demonising Israel celebrated Oct. 7 massacre

The Guardian has managed to find yet another ‘war crime’ accusation to hurl at Israel.

In an article (“‘Ecocide in Gaza’: does scale of environmental destruction amount to a war crime?”, March 29, the outlet provided another illustration of how their coverage of the war has been effectively pro-Hamas, by completely erasing Hamas responsibility for the destruction in Gaza, while blaming Israel entirely.  The authors, citing the radical anti-Israel NGO ‘Forensic Architecture’, promote the charge that the IDF has been intentionally destroying the environment in the enclave by bombing targets with no military value – such as trees, farms and greenhouses.

The word “Hamas” is used only twice in the 1,800 word piece – once in a quote by an Israeli official, and the other time when briefly noting the Oct. 7 attacks.

The piece was co-written by Guardian journalists Damien Gayle and Kaamil Ahmed – as well as Aseel Mousa, a freelance Palestinian journalist who contributes to outlets such as Al Jazeera and Electronic Intifada (EI).  In a Dec. 8 article at EI, she outlined what she claimed were Israeli provocations which led to (or, arguably, even justified) Hamas’s attacks on Oct. 7.

But, turning to Twitter, we can see that, before December, Mousa – who has a history of praising terrorists and deadly terror attacks – was celebrating Hamas’s mass murder, rape, torture and mutilation of Israelis.

(All translations from Arabic to English by CAMERA Arabic)

Mousa’s Arabic tweet on the afternoon of Oct. 7, while Hamas’s death squads were in Israel massacring Jews, translates to:

People – the liberation of entire Palestine from the River to the Sea is, objectively and realistically, possible! I’m not saying it’s easy and I’m not saying it’s certain but it’s possible. It is possible in this generation. It is possible not by militaries buying their weapons from their enemy. But with ongoing and cumulative popular resistance as the one taking place before you today.

-Tameem #Liberating_It_All_Is_Possible”

On Oct 8, she tweeted a graphic which included the following in Arabic and English:

“No people in history has ever gotten its freedom by appealing to the moral sense of its oppressors”

Also on Oct. 8, she posted another Arabic tweet, translated to:

“The Gazan youth of Palestinian resistance are only 10 Km away from the West Bank.  Lord, guide their shots and sooth their fear. #Al-Aqsa_Flood”

And, on Oct. 9, she tweeted the following in Arabic, translated to:

O believers! If you stand up for Allah, He will help you and make your steps firm. As for the disbelievers, may they be doomed and may He render their deeds void. That is because they detest what Allah has revealed, so He has rendered their deeds void. (Quran 47:7-9)

Additionally, by Oct. 9, she was already accusing Israel of genocide, writing “Israel commits genocide against people in #Gaza”.

As we’ve demonstrate in countless posts and tweets since Oct. 7, the Guardian’s coverage of the war that ensued after the worst antisemitic atrocity since the Holocaust has been effectively pro-Hamas. So, it’s not too surprising that they’d commission a journalist to write about the conflict who literally endorsed the terror group’s pogrom.

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  1. says: Grimey

    Support of a proscribed terrorist organisation is a crime in the UK – and it is high time that the police issued the appropriate summons against The Grauniad.

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