Sky News’s abject failure in covering the war

Psychological treatises will one day be written on the moral degeneracy which has taken hold of so many Western minds, which credulously take the word of Hamas, a terrorist organization, as true whilst regarding anything said by Israel, a democratic nation state, as by definition false,” wrote Stephen Pollard, editor-at-large of the Jewish Chronicle, in a December op-ed about the atrocious British media coverage of the war.

Among the worst offenders has been Sky News. To cite just a few examples:

Sky News presenter Anna Botting abandoned any pretense of objectivity or even of journalistic curiosity in her hostile interview with Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev in the aftermath of the Al-Ahli hospital explosion in Gaza in October.  Botting was viscerally angered by Regev’s denial of Israeli responsibility for the blast, a denial that was of course later vindicated when evidence emerged that it was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket that struck the hospital area.

In mid-November, their reporter Mark Stone retweeted someone falsely claiming that ‘all ICU patients’ died at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza in the aftermath of an IDF raid.  The story was so blatantly false that even the PIJ affiliated Quds backtracked and deleted their tweet which initially made that same claim.

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