CiF essay by Matthew Cassel successfully elicits readers’ obsession with Israel

As I noted in yesterday’s post, CiF columnist Matthew Cassel (who has praised  Hezbollah spiritual leader Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah) wrote a  piece which framed Lebanese Palestinians’ refusal to give up their arms solely as a reaction to the Sabra and Shatila attacks 28 years ago – citing merely, as proof, the testimony of two Palestinians. He also largely ignored 62 years of systemic oppression by the Lebanese government (as well as other well-documented massacres against Palestinians during the Lebanese Civil War).  Well, Cassel’s piece had the desired effect of eliciting reading comments which largely focused on Israeli crimes and all but ignored the larger issue of institutionalized discrimination against Palestinian by Lebanon.

Here’s a sampling of comments, but see the complete comments section here:

Israeli supporters’ [i.e., Jews’] “murderous hatred”

Lament that there isn’t a wider perception that Israel has “blood on their hands.”

No Christians [presumably, as opposed to Jews] he knows have never committed mass murder”

Zionists zeal to disrupt peace in the region:

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