Israel, Likudniks & their enablers: The Guardian’s Ian Williams takes a brave stand against Zionism!

If Ian Williams didn’t exist we’d very much have to invent him, as his musings about the villainy of Israel and her Jewish supporters – and America’s craven submission to the wishes of “the Lobby” – represent the Guardian Left’s bigotries in all of its pseudo-progressive glory.

Like any Guardianista in good standing, Williams – who once praised, in a 2010 Guardian essay, late Hezbollah spiritual leader, and Holocaust denier, Hussein Fadhallah, as, yes, a “liberal” –  is continually outraged by the reactionary forces of the American pro-Israel community, an anger he expressed in the following witticism, in a Jan. 2011 CiF anti-Israel polemic:

“Obama…must face not only a rabidly pro-Israeli Republican party but also a majority of his own party that would sign up to a resolution declaring the moon to be made of blue cheese if the Israeli lobby demanded it.”

Williams’ quote, seriously suggesting that Israel is shielded from its fair share of critical scrutiny, brought to mind a quote by Israel’s former UN Ambassador, Abba Eban, who dryly observed that “If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions” – the dairy-free moral inverse of  Williams’ grave concerns about Zionist influence.

Williams January CiF piece also included the careful observation that American supporters of Netanyahu are obviously all anti-Muslim racists, while also evoking antisemitic stereotypes of the ruthless, money-grubbing Jew.

 [Zionists such as] Irving Moskowitz…[who] recycles the proceeds of inner-city gambling in the US to buy and demolish property in East Jerusalem, such as the Shepherd Hotel….”

In fairness, only an “edgy” and truly pithy Brit, such as Williams, can impute greed, racism and Zionist colonialism to an American Jew in so few words. 

Williams’ latest Guardian licensed musing on the effects of Zionist influence, “Obama will rue his lack of principle on Palestine’s UNESCO membership“, Nov. 2, essentially recycles previously expressed prejudices and non-sequitors – adapted to conform to the latest anti-Palestinian outrage.  

Anyone familiar with the comment threads below the line following CiF essays about Israel knows the routine: regurgitating the tropes necessary to implicitly or explicitly characterize US support for Israel as a distortion of US foreign policy, one dangerously under the influence, and dependent upon the largess, of a powerful minority intellectually crippled by obtuse ethnic loyalties.

Williams’ piece is similarly informed by the Guardian Left’s belief that only the politically perverse could defend Israel and oppose Palestinians, arguing that only the “lunatic fringe” would oppose the Palestinians’ UNESCO bid, and that “the US approach” is compromised by a “general lack of principle.”

So, what’s to blame for this utterly inexplicable dynamic of a US government standing in opposition to unilateral Palestinian moves, and their stunning abandonment of “all logic”? Well, he doesn’t quite say.  

However the following passage does provide a glimpse into who he believes to be the culprit, and provides a broader insight into the ideological underpinnings which informs so much Guardian commentary on Israel.

“Over-stretched financially and militarily, beset with problems that can only be solved multilaterally, doing Binyamin Netanyahu’s bidding will win Obama few votes at home. The American Likudniks will still believe the president is an alien-born Muslim and send their votes and cheques accordingly.” [emphasis mine]

The world according to the Guardian Left: Liberal moral leadership is determined by how soberly a nation faces up to the threat posed by racist, check-writing, overly influential American Jews.

Neville Chamberlain may have indeed appeased Hitler, but the British fighting spirit which helped defeat fascist totalitarianism is back in the spirit of Ian Williams – who will inspire in all of us the grit and determination required to stand up to the Zionist menace.

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