Guardian reader comment of the day: On CiF Watchers and their ‘Zionist Directives’

Thomas Rogan’s essay at ‘Comment is Free’, titled “Israel could attack Iran without causing a major war in the region” elicited the following comment from ‘CarefulReader’, who was responding to a question about who, precisely, are the CiF commenters who follow ‘Zionist Directives’.

Yeah, really, who HASN’T heard of CiF Watch by now?!

Later, ‘CarefulReader’ left this comment expressing concern over the high number of ‘Recommends’ under many pro-Israel comments and fleshing out his/her working theory:

So, it seems as if there’s an organized effort by Zionists, supported by the Israeli government, to keep CiF comments pro-Israel, thus eroding the “integrity” of the threads.

However, without the Guardian’s “access logs”, the CiF coven are left to merely speculate about the identities of those associated with CiF Watch and other sinister Zionist bodies.  Such supremely cynical, dark and brooding souls are clearly reigning terror across the pages of CiF by using the insidious tactics of facts, reason and logic (and comment ‘Recommends’!) in trying to influence debates about Israel. 

The CiF Watch-style ‘hasbarafia’ will clearly stop at nothing!

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