Update to previous post: Guardian corrects error, places Nazareth in Israel

Our previous post (Did the Guardian forget that Nazareth is in Israel?) noted that the Guardian’s recent data blog (‘Anti-Islam film protests – every verified incident‘), Sept. 19. by Ami Sedghi, had a curious omission. 

The Guardian blog post contained graphics detailing the 30 protests which have occurred across the world since Sept. 11, and included a map or photo, and the city and country (along with a brief description of the protest) but curiously failed to locate Nazareth as a city in Israel.

We then asked readers to Tweet the author of the post, gently noting the error.

To our pleasant surprise, Ms. Sedghi took note of the Tweets and responded thus:

Sure enough, a short time later we noticed that the data in question had indeed been updated.

Thanks to a few friendly Twitterers, and a responsible journalist, Nazareth is now identified as an Israeli city.

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