“Manchester Guardian Demands an Independent Jewish State in Palestine”

A CiF Watch reader recently alerted us to an interesting story from August 20, 1941 published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) – which was just republished online from the JTA archives – involving a particular London paper’s editorial support for Zionism, entitled ‘Manchester Guardian Demands an Independent Jewish State in Palestine‘.  

We did a bit of searching and found an example of how the story looked at the time in a newspaper called the Jewish Floridian, which ran the JTA story with a slightly different title.  


While the entire story about the Manchester Guardian’s support for a Jewish state is fascinating, please especially take note of the third paragraph.

onetwoRemarkably, given the ideological bent of the institution today, there was a time when the Guardian was so staunchly Zionist that they were genuinely concerned over the possibility that ‘only’ a truncated Jewish state would emerge – one which would represent a mere fraction of the original territory legally assigned to it under the Mandate for Palestine.

My, how their moral sympathies have shifted.

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