Indy Arabia warns: Jews building another “Tanakhic Park”!

It’s that time of the year again when Independent Arabia’s West Bank correspondent Khalil Mousa warns his Arabic-speaking readers of an Israeli scheme to Judaise Jerusalem by the means of recreational parks – which he strangely labels “Tanakhic”. (“Tanakh” refers to the Hebrew Bible.)

His October 29th report read as follows:


Says that it is state land as the Palestinians affirm it is an extension of the Yusufiya cemetery

‘Ula Nababteh almost never moves from her son’s grave in the Yusufiya cemetery, fearing its removal. [This is] due to Israeli authorities proceeding to turn the cemetery into a Tanakhic park, under accusations that Israel ‘pursuits the dead out of their graves, aiming to complete the Judaization of the city’ […].

As we’ve shown before, a “Tanakhic park” is merely Mousa’s way to frame any Israeli development plan in the holy city – controversial as it may be – in a manner designed to incite fear of Judaism’s increasing ‘encroachment’ on Judaism’s holiest city.

Thus, in October 2020 he asserted that Israel’s plan for “Tanakhic parks” encompasses no less than five square kilometers outside the Old City walls, while in March 2021 he argued that such a park is actually planned inside the Old City.  In fact, in comparing the two reports (as we did in our previous post on the matter), it’s hard to find a single consistent detail about the location, size and origin of these mysterious parks – only that they’re part of Israel’s sinister scheme to takeover Jerusalem and “imagine” a Jewish connection to it.

Of course, this is not exclusively Mousa’s idea.  It’s a method that’s been used by Palestinian Authority propagandists, and other ‘experts’, for decades.

This time, it seems, the new “Tanakhic park” is planned just outside Lions’ Gate. We’ll keep that in mind until another one no doubt pops up back inside the walls in the spring.  Will Independent Arabia do the same?

(See the Arabic version of this post here.)

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