Satire news show critical of Israeli media (but critiques hit much closer to home)

Latma is an Israeli group that produces political satire for Internet broadcast, and was created to mock Israel’s media. Caroline Glick, who is one of the web site’s editors, told the Jerusalem Post that the group was founded with the intention of using comedy to critique the “egregious leftist slant of news coverage in this country.”  Its satire is spot-on and, at times, outright hilarious. But, indeed the critiques are also relevant in the context of the anti-Israel media out side of Israel (especially one news enterprise located in the UK).

Here are snapshots from the program (see text at bottom of screen):

There was a quip by the late senator Daniel Moynihan that “people are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.”  Latma adeptly demonstrates that many in the media seem to passionately disagree with his statement.

Here’s latest episode:


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