HRW’s Ken Roth responds to Goldstone’s retraction; Assures Guardian readers its still safe to demonize Israel: Let the hate begin

Human Rights Watch director Ken Roth, perhaps sensing that the cash cow of anti-Israel hatred may dry up as the result of Richard Goldstone’s recent retraction of allegations that Israel targeted civilians during the Gaza War, penned a feverish reply at CiF (Gaza: the stain remains on Israel’s war record, April 5.) to help sustain his group’s narrative of Israeli villainy.

Guardian readers, clearly relieved that their nearly week-long nightmare of doubt over Israeli sin following Goldstone’s mea culpa is over, took to the streets below the line en mass to express their emotion.

Let the hate begin:

Hamas is actually more moral than Israel. Their rocket attacks represents legitimate resistance.

Israel is a criminal and insane nation which kills and enslaves innocent Palestinians, and who bases their national legitimacy on an “ancient fairy tale”.

Israel guilty of murdering Palestinian children

Characterizing Hamas as anti-Semitic represents Israeli paranoia.  (Bonus: Comical semantic argument that Israeli Jews are the real anti-Semites)

Reader hopes Hamas won’t be negatively influenced by Zionist villainy and stoop to Israeli level of cruelty

Israel is marching towards Armaggedon

Israel is “slowly starving” Palestinians, and is guilty of the worst crimes against humanity in the world

Israelis are immutably and irredeemably racist

Hamas is not a terrorist group, just a “rag-tag” bunch of poorly equipped hooligans

Israel should apologize to their Arab neighbors for their murderous behavior over the last 50 years

Israel shoots anything that moves, including donkeys and “ancient grandmothers”

It seems that Goldstone’s retraction represented merely his collapse under “Zionist pressure”

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