Throughout the month of September 2021, twenty-three written or filmed reports relating to Israel and/or the Palestinians appeared on the BBC News website’s ‘Middle East’ page, some of which were also published on other pages or other BBC platforms and five of which were carried over from the previous month.

(dates in brackets indicate the time period during which the item was available on the ‘Middle East’ page)

Five items (two of which were carried over from the previous month) related to Israel’s relations with other countries or bodies:

Iran nuclear: Other options if diplomacy fails, says Biden (26/8/21 to 3/9/21)

Palestinian President Abbas holds rare talks with Israeli minister (30/8/21 to 6/9/21) discussed here and here

Naftali Bennett makes first visit to Egypt by an Israeli PM in a decade (13/9/21 to 20/9/21) discussed here

No new steps to normalise ties with Israel – Sudan FM (27/9/21 to present)

Israel foreign minister makes historic visit to Bahrain (30/9/21 to present)

One report concerned security issues:

Five Palestinians killed in Israeli West Bank raid against militants (26/9/21 to 30/9/21 and 2/10/21) discussed here

One item carried over from the previous month related to regional security issues: specifically an attack on a ship:

West faces dilemmas over tanker attack Frank Gardner (2/8/21 to 6/9/21)

One item concerned technology:

Israel-Palestinian Facebook posts need ‘bias’ review BBC Technology (14/9/21 to 22/9/21) discussed here

One item related to business and food technology:

The edible insects coming to a supermarket near you  BBC Business, Natalie Lisbona (23/9/21 to 27/9/21)

Three items concerned internal Palestinian affairs:

Nizar Banat: Palestinian officers charged over activist’s death (6/9/21 to 13/9/21)

Nizar Banat: The death shaking the Palestinian leadership Yolande Knell (7/9/21 to present) discussed here

Why Palestinians are protesting against their own government Anastassia Zlatopolskai (7/9/21 to 1/10/21)

Of 11 items relating to Israeli affairs, one carried over from the previous month concerned crime:

The murderous crime wave sweeping Israel’s Arabs Yolande Knell (13/8/21 to 13/9/21) discussed here

Three items related to medical stories, including the Corona pandemic:

Covid: What Israel tells us about the way out of the pandemic Rachel Schraer (3/9/21 to 8/9/21 and 14/9/21 to present)

Twins conjoined at head separated after rare surgery in Israel (6/9/21 to 13/9/21)

Israeli conjoined twins see each other for first time after surgery (6/9/21 to 28/9/21)

One item carried over from the previous month concerned property related issues in Jerusalem:

Why is Israel demolishing homes in East Jerusalem? Anastassia Zlatopolskai (16/8/21 to 16/9/21) discussed here

Four reports covered an escape from a prison:

Six Palestinian prisoners escape Israeli jail through tunnel (6/9/21 to 10/9/21)

Israeli troops make arrests over Palestinian prison break (8/9/21 to 10/9/21)

Four of six Palestinian prison escapees recaptured – Israel dated 11/9 but originally published 10/9 (10/9/21 to 15/9/21)

Israel recaptures final Palestinian escapees (19/9/21 to 23/9/21)

Two reports related to a custody case:

Eitan Biran: Italy investigates ‘kidnap’ of cable car crash survivor (13/9/21 to 19/9/21)

Eitan Biran: Italy cable car survivor to stay in Israel amid custody fight (23/9/21 to 27/9/21)

All three of the items relating to internal Palestinian affairs published on the BBC News website throughout September concerned the same topic. Once again coverage of Israeli affairs was more extensive in both amount and range of subject matter.

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