Channel 4 News scolds Danish terror survivor for imputing Islamist motivation to gunman

Agnieszka Kolek was one of the Norwegian artists at a debate on free speech and Islam at Krudttonden Cafe in Copenhagen on Sunday, where a terrorist fired dozens of rounds at participants, killing Finn Norgaard, a 55 year-old filmmaker. Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks — who has received death threats due to his caricatures of Muhammad—was among those in attendance, and was the primary target of the attack.
Here’s a stunning audio recording of the moment of the attack.
The day long rampage by the 22-year-old assailant included an attack on a synagogue in downtown Copenhagen that killed a 37-year-old Jewish man named Dan Uzan who was guarding a Bat Mitzvah.
The fact that the terrorist – Danish born Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein – who attacked a cartoonist depicting Muhammad, and Jews at a synagogue, was motivated by radical Islam couldn’t seriously be denied by any sober observer of extremism in Europe, or anyone minimally aware of recent attacks in Paris.
This of course brings us to the following interview of Ms. Kolek on Channel 4 News, which aired on Feb. 15th. Pay attention to the exchange which begins at roughly the 1:50 minute mark and ends with the Channel 4 News anchor’s interruption at the 2:15 mark.

To summarize:
Ms. Kolek explained that she and others won’t have their free speech stifled by Islamist extremists who wish to impose sharia law.
The anchor interrupts her and says that “we don’t know details about the gunman yet”.
“I could hear him shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. I could hear his voice,” Ms. Kolek responded.
A serious discussion on the threat to European Jews – and democratic values within the continent – posed by Muslim extremism would of course require that the media cease in their never-ending fealty to such intellect-numbing political correctness. 
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